Stay in Love and Prevent Divorce


True to the Vows

When you get married, you're in love. You don't think that anything will break you and your spouse apart. The last thing you want someone to tell you is something like, “Make sure you're fully committed!” But are you really committed “til death do you part?” The facts about commitment might surprise you, but they will help you stay faithful and married.

More Than Talking

One of the main problems in any relationship is communication, and communication is especially important in a committed relationship like marriage. Since the advent of technology, communication has gotten worse. Many people think communicating implies only sharing or talking; however, while these things are critical, perhaps good listening is even more important. By really listening to your spouse's concerns, you can solve so many problems in your marriage.

Escaping a Bad Situation

Unfortunately, divorce happens, and although many traditional or conservative people might think divorce is often unjustified, almost everyone can agree that there are certain situations where it's better for everyone to just walk away. If your spouse is being abusive in any way—physically, emotionally, or sexually—you should seriously consider getting out. Other harmful habits such as addictions or infidelity can also warrant a divorce.

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